Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesdays

I am going to have to start calling this weight loss THURSDAYS because I get home so late from my meetings! But it just doesn't have the same "ring" to it! :)

So.... I am down another .6! YAY! For those of you who are keeping track (and really who is except for me...) that is another 28 to go! So slow and steady wins the race, right? SNORE.

Today before I went to WW I got on my scale at home. I had to reach back to grab something and stepped off with one foot. When I put both feet back on the scale, it had stopped at MY GOAL WEIGHT! It felt good to see even if it was a fluke. It actually motivated me to keep on keeping on (as my bestie Joe Dirt-tay would say).

I had a good last couple of days (eating wise). I have taken to eating a lot veggie soup with chicken in it (a WW 0 point food with a bit of added protein so my banana's Blood Sugar doesn't make me pass the eff out!)

The pic above is me playing with my new camera... I LOVES IT! (thanks bestie who is not Joe Dirt-tay).

Stole: vintage
Hair: own (inside joke with Travis)
Pearls: IDK


Manzana Grande said...

Way to go Babers, you're doing GRRREAT!

Be proud :)

Angini said...

That hairdo is very snookie (or is it snooky) of you (clip with the poof). Great job at another .6 lbs.