Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'll make you happy when skies are GRAY.

I have been really loving the color gray lately.  Maybe because it is in my NW roots, but the color is such a great neutral.  It is the best palette for any accent (yes...even you BROWN.  Gray's coming for ya!)  So here are my recent gray inspirations:

We are going to paint Bean's bathroom gray.  I did a gray bathroom years ago in my mom's house and it looks FABULOUS still.  It sets off the crown molding so well.
Bean just bought this as for the bathroom.  He's going to add a free standing mirror to the top and viola... instant vanity!  

Hey Gwennie...Nice nails! (and hair, teeth, skin and the list goes on...)

Love Victoria's way of making anything she does "a trend". (Who didn't rock the POB?)

Yes...Yes...This is my creepy hand, but I am wearing China Glaze's Recycle and LOVE it!  I usually paint finger and toes black (not because I am EMO just because I HATE the color red.  It is way too intense of color for me.  I am pretty sensitive to colors and red is one I really stay away from...) Also I have HUGE hands (gotta love those traits from gramma) and don't really feel that delicate colors look right on my MAN hands. So gray is a nice substitute.


Thanks to Taylor at Auburn not Red for the Blog Award!  It is my first one and it meant a lot to me!  Her blog is full of fun things and she blogs about a lot of cool products and books...So head on over there and check it out!!!


Auburn Not Red said...

Oh! I blog a lot! That sounds so bad. hehe But I have fun and thanks for reading!

I love this post. You'll have to take pictures of the bathroom when it's done. And don't forget to put all your stuff in the cabinets!

P.S. I was debating on whether or not to paint my finger nails red. I haven't painted them in YEARS! I do my toes often, though.

Angini said...

luv ya!