Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mad for Monday Plaid 2

Wouldn't it be awesome if I could actually dig up a plaid outfit EVERY Monday?  I seriously don't need that much plaid in my life, but I did see (IDK where?) one blogger's quest to wear the same little black dress every Monday styled differently.  

This dress/tunic is flannel and plaid!  (hello 90's!)  It is gathered in the back and makes  my booty look puffy and BELIEVE me I do NOT need the help! :)

Happy Monday!

Dress: TEA
Leggings: ROMY
Shirt: ROMY
Boots: ALDO


Amy said...

Oh I so ♥ plaid and I am so ♥ing this outfit! You look adorable and I love those boots!!

Hope you had a great weekend!


Betty and Veronica said...

Love this fun photo shoot! and such a cute outfit. and now I need a pair of boots like yours!

Thanks for stopping by and following along, much appreciated!

See you around the blogosphere (hehe)


Girl from the North Country said...

That plaid looks great on you! I love plaid, I too may have too much in my own closet.

To answer your questions, my tights are actually thigh highs so the don't fall down at least not to the point where I can't just roll them up. As far as going to the bathroom, that’s a big deal that involves large bathroom stalls and plenty of time : )