Sunday, March 28, 2010

On Vacation...Again!

Nothin' better than being in the sun with the top down!

Little Miss Lee is on vacation! (again!) For the week of March 29th -April 5th...

I also have a super secret that I hope to share when I get back... (I need crossed fingers and lots of care bear stares!)

I will access and cannot wait to see all of your new posts! With report cards due and a field trip, I have been fall in bed at 5pm tired!

See you all SOON!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

Weight Loss Wednesday posted below "You like it green".

I am not sure why...

Maybe because I started it the other day and waited till today to fill in the info...

So if you are feeling spunky, scroll on down to it! (It has the eating plan in it!)


Sunday, March 21, 2010

You like it green?

Hi Blogger Friends!
I have been so slammed with work. The school I work in gives a one page personal narrative to each student instead of a standard report card. It is a great thing to get, but a TON OF WORK for me! So I have been slammed with typing (so blogger typing counted as extra!)

This is me mowing Bean's lawn. It still cracks me up looking at these photos. He doesn't have a gas powered mower (yet) and this push mower was left with the house. This is the FRONT yard (the back is a DOUBLE LOT!) At least I am being green!
Yes. Yes. I do mow a lawn in flats, BF jeans, and a cardi. I didn't have any work clothes at the BF's house.

The neighbor yelled across the road "you need to get a picture of that!" Well here is a video...
It makes me giggle every time! (But I need a better way to upload so you can see the content as it sits there...Any ideas out there would be appreciated!)

Ha ha...

As for the inquires about my slow but steady weight loss plan, i will outline it on Weight Loss Wednesday!

See ya tomorrow!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesdays

Me. With a jawline and a bit too thin wearing a brown hat.

Me. With no jawline a bit too chubs wearing a brown hat.

Today I am somewhere (closer to second pic) in between! But the good news is...

I am down another 2.2! Keeping track? That is 23.8 to go!

I had a lot of inquires about what I am doing and I thought that I would share: Please remember that I am not a doctor (and don't even play one on TV!) so go about it in a manner that is right and safe for you! Also go HERE to help calculate how many calories you need to shed the LBS!

Here it is:

Meal 1:(8:00am) 1/3 c. oatmeal,4 egg whites 1 yolk

Meal 2:(10:30-11:00am) 3 oz of chicken,fish or lean beef, 1/2 c rice or 4 oz potato,salad or veggie/fruit

Meal 3:(1-1:30pm) same as meal 2

Meal 4: (3:30-4:00) piece of fruit or veggies with 2 tbs peanut butter or slice of mozzarella cheese

Meal 5:(dinner) same as meal 2

Meal 6:(snack) Banana Smoothie (with skim milk and ice)

Calculate the calories and make it right for you. I can't eat gluten so this is gluten free. BTW... I am a Weight Watcher DROP OUT! It just wasn't working for me (not the weight loss part, the whole POINTS thing...)

I also give myself one dinner out a week of whatever I want... it keeps me sane!

If you have any questions at all, leave them in the comments or email me! I am glad to support! Believe me... If I can do this, you can too!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesdays

So I told you all that I always pose with my food! I swear I have enough of these pics to last me 100 Wednesdays!

So here is the GOOD news! I am down 1.4lbs! YAY!

My friend Jen gave me a pretty great eating plan that I stuck with and it is working (with a few cheats here and there).

So I have only have 26 lbs more to go!

Great Day! Here's to another week of keeping on track!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I really wanted this to be a post about how my mom liked this shirt and tried it on and it looked like a tent on her, but for $10 bucks passed it my way...
I really didn't want my day to be tainted with my smoke and mirrors apartment.
I call it smoke and mirrors because it looks so PRETTY and it drew me in regardless that it is a) on the corner of crack central
b) on the corner of crack central with random gang issues.
But for less the $900 a month with a parking spot, washer and dryer, dishwasher and bamboo hardwoods, I threw caution to the wind and signed that lease!
It is just one of those old crack buildings that someone guy bought and put some cheap Cover Girl foundation on it.

I am referring to the fact that my wall heater caught my wall on FIRE and then I lived without a heater for over a month... (that can't be legal), but that isn't today's issue.

Today's issue is that my new refrigerator stopped working for the THIRD time! I lost the food in it again. I always have anxiety filling it with food anyways due to these previous experiences.

Beware of smoke and mirrors people. In apartments and in life...

But I am sitting here thinking of the day that I will live in a space that is comfortable. A home. A space that I feel like I can relax. And that my friends makes me smile!

Shirt: TJ maxx
Jeans: Aero
Shoes: Birkis

Total 1st grade teacher wear!

P.S. I am totally nervous about WWW tomorrow! Wish me thin thoughts!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I couldn't find THEM!

This is what happens when your closet eats your favorite go-to lululemon pants...You first throw a mini tantrum because you CAN"T find anything in this APARTMENT (OH the Drama!) and then you throw everything on the floor because you are sure your bestie (who missplaced hers as well) jacked them (love you bestie!)
AND THEN you see the light...Tiny reflectors stuffed inbetween your too tight petite Citizens and those cute skinnies that ALSO don't fit! No wonder they were lost! Who looks in THAT corner of your closet?
IN better news...I went dress shopping! Such great deals! They are from Aprie (Black Sack Dress- Gift Cert), AA (Le Sac Dress-$38), Old Navy (Striped Ruffle Sleeve-$20) and Ross (Blue Floral and Shirt Dress-$11 each)! I decided that summer HAS to come soon, so why not help it out by coxing it with cute dresses!
Also I framed my new poster! I got the frame from IKEA and it didn't fit, so my lovely Bean randomly had a mat cutter and cut the matt to fit! I LOVE it!

See you tomorrow!

Edit: OH my goodness! I am embarrassed about how messy my room is! Sorry MOM! Ha ha... This is me being real folks!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Big Hair, Big Plans: It's Friday!

Do you ever have days when even though you haven't lost a single ounce, your pants feel bigger and that makes you feel a bit better about yourself...
It puts a pep in your step and a smirk on your face- It's a secret that no one else knows...
Well this day was one of those days! My jeans are never too tight in the waist...They always get too tight in the hips and butt area! Ha ha... The classic PEAR.
But today my jeans felt that they had a little bit more give in them. Like if I HAD to get into a monster truck (hey where I grew up this wasn't uncommon), my pants wouldn't split up the back like a can of Pop and Fresh Dough! (seriously people...This has happened to me when I was younger and stupid enough to buy cheap pants that couldn't contain what I was packin'!)
So that brings me to this smile.

The secret one. The one only I (and now you) know about!

Blazer: Bebe

Ruffle Tank: Roxy

Striped Tank: Target

Jeans: Citizens

Shoes: JSimpson

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesdays

I pose with my food a lot. I am not sure why...Maybe because it is so dear to me!
Obviously these are not new pics, but what better day to post them on my BLOG?!? I mean...It is Weight Loss Wednesday! Can you guess which lovely dog below was mine? It was the middle one! Yums. And so wrong at the same time!
Oh. The joys of reckless eating. I miss you.

So the news is...I stayed the same! 27.4 still to go. Is it frustrating? Uhhh....Yeah. Did I try as hard as I could? Uhhhh....No.

So last night I wrote out a menu and tallied up all the calories/points and REALLY figured it out. I will have better news next week. Not that this was bad news, but I want to write better news.

Side Note: I am pretty sure that I can smell those hotdogs... Weird, huh?!? :)


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wrap it UP!

So if you haven't noticed lately, I have been wearing my hair up A LOT!
There are good reasons for this. First graders get lice. I DO NOT want lice.
SO I decided to wear a wrap to UBER protect myself (and who am I kidding...I LOVES IT!)
Mr. Chhorn (my 76 year old bestie) told me that my head wrap looked like a traditional Cambodian head dress, while Anita told me it looked African. I accepted both as dear compliments!
It was cute as well as practical. We really did have an outbreak of lice this week. BLECH.

To all my new readers and followers...
I appreciate everyone of you! See you on your blog SOON!

Scarf: ROXY
Earrings: F21?
Hoodie: AE
Jeans: Target
Tanks: James Perse
Shoes: Birkis (YEP).

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Bestie: Hero Edition

This is my bestie Raela. She is my hero and participated in the Scott Firefighter Stairclimb to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on Sunday morning.

She climbed the 69 flights of stairs and 1,311 steps to reach the highly acclaimed observation deck overlooking the city IN FULL FIREFIGHTER GEAR! Air tanks and all...

I followed her around like some crazed paparazzi. I hid in every corner.

Doesn't she look cool? I have watched this woman run into burning buildings and I AM NOT A FAN (seriously who wants to see their bestie RUN INTO A BURNING BUILDING?!?), but then I see that it is her passion, the one thing that she has worked her whole life toward and smile at the fact that she has achieved her dreams.
Here she is getting ready to start her air for the climb...
The swipe that starts her timer...
I waited and waited at the end of the escalators to get her face coming down. I was so proud of her!

Look at this girl.... Barely breaking a sweat! She shaved 6 minutes off her last year's time!
You are an inspiration to all that know you. You never take "no" as an acceptable answer and have smashed the glass ceiling in our small town. You are a powerful woman who I am proud to know!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesdays

Covering my face seems like a common occurrence these days...

Peek! I have good news!
I lost the pound that I gained on vacation! So yay me!

Keeping track? That is back to 27.4 to go! Groundhogs Day, anyone? (Bad reference to the movie... ha ha...)

Here goes another week of being mindful. Who knew it would take so much more energy?!?

Welcome New Readers and Followers! Glad to have you! :)

Sweatshirt: BENCH

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spreading the love...

It was one of those nights last night. Where your head won't stop and you get so frustrated that sleep won't come that the anger keeps you awake longer! I felt the way an unripe orange must feel when you try to peel it as I dragged myself out of bed this morning...

It was going to have to be a comfy day. No make-up (I guess to really make it look that I hadn't slept) and boyfriend fit jeans. Yes, yes...They are not the most flattering, but comfy no less.

I walked into the training I had that day and a teacher from another school said to me "I love coming here and seeing what you are wearing! You always have a different take on your clothes!"

I then told her about my blog. At first I was super embarrassed...I mean, I am just a girl who takes pictures of her clothes. I am not that thin girl (give it up for booty!), or the one with $500 shoes on, or even a blogger whose photos are super refined. I am just a girl who loves textiles and has a wonky little blog.

So then, even with the bad nightlurking over me..I had to smile. Even if it was just for a second...
Is it bedtime yet?

Trench: Target

Jeans: Target

Shirt: Bean's

Cardi: TJ Maxx

Socks: TJ Maxx

Necklace: F21

Shoes: Target