Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy 101: How to have a happy day!

Shirt: Old Navy    Skirt: IDK    Scarf: Thrift    Belt: JSimps   Socks: The Sneakery    Boots: Doc Martens

Thanks to Nina at Ballerina's Closet Obsession I received that Happy 101 Blog Award!  She is a very thoughtful blogger who always has the best pictures of her SHOES!  Go on by and chickity check it out for yourself!

To keep with the blog award rules, I must now list 10 things that make me happy!  Here they are (in no order and I could go on for days!)

1. Finding a Hershey's Kiss in my coat pocket
2. Hearing my nephews laugh
3. Tickling Bean
4. When I see growth in one of my students
5. Small presents from the grocery store
6. An I LOVE YOU text from my dad
7.  When my mom does "bird lip"
8.  Having all my besties in one room for the Shoe Exchange
9.  Warm sun on my face
10. HUGE bathtubs

and Number 11 would have been MY NEW DOC MARTENS!  Aren't they the say the least? (sorry.  Huge Grease fan!)

I will award my picks tomorrow.  I just watched a category 5 hurricane get SILVER.  No points for originality?  Lame.

See ya tomorrow!


Auburn Not Red said...

You need to get cushions for that window-sill!

Betty and Veronica said...

I want a pair of those doc's asap!! I love how 90's footwear is totally making a comeback! And that's a very sweet list!


Fashion Therapist said...

Congrats on the award...definitely well deserved!

Amy said...

I love the mixing of patterns in this outfit!


Girl from the North Country said...

ohh great top 10 list! Huge bath tubs... I hear you nothing beats a bubble bath on a crummy day!

Love the doc martins!