Sunday, January 31, 2010

The dress that didn't fit...

This dress used to fit.

And now it does not.
I will try it on again in 1 month.
Let's hope it will zip.
But until then...
I turned it into a skirt!
One month from today is March 1st... That's when you will see this dress again. (and hopefully NOT my back!) 
Dress: Lulu
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Tank: Bebe
Pearls: IDK


Taylor B. said...

That's a reasonable goal. Since Spring isn't until March 20th, I'd even give it until then. That dress is so pretty and you'll be rocking it (properly) in no time!

Angini said...

Again another lovely ensemble. When do we get to see you again? Would you and the bean like to come for dinner sometime this week?

Anonymous said...

what a great idea, I have a bunch of dresses that no longer zip up top... so I've packed them away for that "one day" I love that you turned it into a skirt!

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