Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesdays

Who doesn't love vacation? Who doesn't love a turkey leg?

Well my diet didn't love either. I gained a pound. Just 1 pound which is kind of amazing since I really did eat A LOT on vacation! But I told myself that I wasn't eating gluten so I would be OK. What a good liar to myselfer (not a word, but it sounded right...) i am!

Keepin track? That is +1 so 28.4 to go! I am not beating myself up for it. I had a GREAT time and am back on track.

I just work so dang hard for every ounce lost...

This pic makes me laugh every time!

See ya tomorrow!


Auburn Not Red said...

Damn! I would have given up my diet for that leg, too!

And what I've found is...get rid of all the junk in the house. No chips, no candy, no cheese *gasp* no nothing! In a week you'll be surprised at how much you'll lose. :)

Betty and Veronica said...

Thats pretty good for going on vacation! Be very proud my dear. Its so hard to keep up a healthy lifestyle when on vacation, it happened to me to, Im still trying to get back on track. Your motivation is motivating me, so thank you muchly!


Nukilan Orang Buta Hati said...

damn thats a treat :P

Nina said...

Helloooo Miss Lee!

I live in Manila so eating turkey is not really on my diet but my son wanted to taste a turkey leg on a trip to Disneyland just to try ... I was wondering why he was eating so ravenously so I asked to take a turn ... it was delish! I can clearly understand why you had to have it!

Nina said...

Hi Tara! Passed on the Happy 101 Award to you in my post just now. Please come get it?

Girl from the North Country said...

haha what a great pic! I loe turkey legs! My number 1 rule is no diets on vacation, your onvacation from your life, vacations should be fun!