Friday, April 16, 2010

Forgive me...Forgive me not...

Lately I have put the Blah in Blogger. I apologize to my readers (and fellow blogger friends) that I have been lacking in posts as well as comments. I have fallen off every imaginable "wagon".


I have taken to napping from around 5:30 to 9:00pm every night instead. I have been so exhausted lately.

It is the last 10 weeks of school and my job is to get all these kiddos reading at level by June. I put all the energy I have into that and it leaves me spent and wanting Rootbeer floats for dinner. Not to mention
this is also on my plate (maybe this is why I have been so tired?!? TOXIC fumes!)


I hope to pull it together soon. I need to pull it together soon. But right now I am enjoying the time off from society.

Photobucket Preach it Tom Cochrane!

Don't worry. I will return shortly.

And thanks for understanding!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Camera Phone and Cuteness

I have been eating and breathing this OLD NAVY cardi! Seriously. I wear it every other day!
I wanted to show my outfit today, but right after school I am leaving town (I know, I know...I am always gone!) and wouldn't have time to upload the pics. So the next best thing is....MOBILE BLOGGIN'! I snapped these photos right before I got in my car this morning! My DG sunnies lost a screw, so I borrowed these ROXY sunglasses from my sister (which I actually GAVE to her for her birthday!) She had some coolio ray-bans so she hopefully isn't missing these too much!

The tank is this great watercolor tank that I got from TJ MAXX for $14.99! Such a wicked deal!

Also my secret is still just that...a secret. Believe me. It is annoying me more than you. As soon as I find out the outcome, I will share it with you!

Happy Thursday!

P.S. Easter candy is on CLEARANCE! I can't resist a good deal, so I will skip that aisle! :)

Cardi: Old Navy Tank: TJ Maxx Belt: JSimps Jeans: Target Shoes: Nordstrom Sunnies: Roxy Promo Hair Idea: Tabitha's Salon Takeover

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesdays

Weight Loss Wednesdays is postponed until next week. There was WAY too much of this going on over vacation. (sorry that I didn't edit the RED EYES out...) I have weighed in. I gained (but just a bit). I have fallen so far off the wagon I will have to RUN MY ASS off to catch up with it again! HA ha..

@Taylor at Auburn Not Red: I should have listened to you! :) But it was really fun while it lasted!

NO REGRETS because I had a BLAST!

It's good to be back!