Thursday, July 30, 2009

Roxy Japan

I just found out the other day that ROXY has divisions all over the world that have their own designers...  ROXY Australia is super hot for real leather jackets, and ROXY Brazil has some of the sexiest (and smallest) bikinis ever and the wet suit zip up vest is from our ROXY Japan line...I think it kind of looks like leather in this pic.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Angels in the outfield!

I went to the Angels game last night and it was F~U~N!

They won and I got a free jersey!  AND to top it off I could see Disneyland's fireworks from my seat as well as the Angels had their own fireworks!  

Good times!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pizookies and Urban Hiking

A cookies and cream pizookie used to sit in this dish.  It was the best thing that happened to me on Sunday: Hanging out with people I like and eating the best dessert in the world.

Other things that happened on Sunday that didn't come close to being pizookie good were:  Urban hiking for over an hour, getting knocked down by a HUGE wave, rubbing sand in my own eye, mountain climbing, being ROXY excited, and finding half the beach in the bottom's of my bikini...

I want more pizookie and I want it know!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

US Open of Surfing

I was down in at Huntington Beach yesterday for a Dear and Yonder screening and this is what the beach looked like!  It was madness!  Usually you can see the water from here, but this is such a huge event and they have stages and booths everywhere!  It is basically a festival on the sand.  It took me 15 mins to get to the water from here (when usually it would take me 3).  I got to watch some heats of the US Open and the waves were HUGE due to a tropical storm in the south.  A couple of ROXY surfers made it to the semi's...They surf today for the finals.  Good Luck Ladies!

Have a great weekend!


Friday, July 24, 2009

It's 3 a.m. I must be lonely...for Jerry Springer?


So last night I accidently fell asleep with my TV on.  And for those who don't know, I do NOT have cable in my apt down here.  I brought my little TV with me and plugged it into the wall just to see what I would get...Well I get three channels.  One is the HSN (Home Shopping Network) and one is CBS while the other is a miss mash of just some good and some bad reruns.  

So again I fell asleep with my TV on and woke up at 3:15 in the morning to Jerry Springer.  I don't think that I have watched this show in years... but 20 minutes later I realized that I was awake actually watching JERRY SPRINGER.  It sucked me in!  Even at 3 am!  I even thought about turning the TV off and decided to let it go to one more commercial till I did.  It did not disappoint and the only repercussion that my tryst with Springer at 3 a.m. produced was that I woke up late for work...

Damn you Springer! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Water Aerobics VS THIS...

So as I sit here SUPER  sore from water aerobics, I came across this photo that I sent to Bean.  This is what I did all weekend long last weekend and I did not feel guilty AT ALL that I listened to my iPod till it died, read most of my book and actually fell asleep for awhile (which is really strange as my body has a hard time sleeping in public!).  

The flip was that yesterday I started my water aerobics class (which snicker if you want, but those classes are as HARD as you want them to be!).  I frog hopped and bicep (can you use this as a singular?)  curled my way through the pool.  It felt good to move my body and laugh with people I didn't know about how uncoordinated one can feel under the water.


Today I had my chance to do either...Go to water aerobics with my sore self or catch the last rays of the day (seriously only about 20 minutes worth of laying out time!) and I chose....

the 20 minutes in the sun of course!  I read my book and rested my day away.

Come on....If you know me, this story does NOT have a surprise ending!  :)


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Anthony Kiedis wants YOU to go watch Dear and Yonder!

So Friday night's screening of Dear and Yonder in Venice Beach was a huge success!  I had to work the door all night, checking people off "the list".  I tried to accommodate anyone who came to the door that was excited about the movie, and hopefully did an OK job.  There were 200+ people that showed up!  Quik/ROXY pulls a pretty respectful, laid back crowd (which is nice for event organizers and security.)  I worked my ass off (and at one point I had to carry 15 cases of water up a flight of stairs... not a favorite pastime of mine :), but it was worth it to show my uppie ups that I am NOT afraid of the dirty work and it felt great to contribute to a such a rockin' event.

And yes Anthony Kiedis was there (with Rick Rubin). He was amazingly kind and  I am sure that he really does want you to go watch DEAR AND YONDER! :) 

There are showings all over the country, so follow the link, find your place and save the date!

See you there!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Get outside!

HEY ALL!  I have a super busy weekend ahead of me.  Tomorrow I am working at the premiere of the movie "Dear and Yonder" for ROXY.  Then hopefully off to my girl Janeline's to chill, catch up, eat good Korean food and watch her show at the KEY CLUB.  I will take pics and tell you about it on Sunday!

(Recognize the pic, Bean?)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I thought that this was a pretty ingenious fountain at a place called the Anti-mall.  It still is a place to shop, but they are too hip and cutting edge to want to be called a mall.  Whatev.  The fountain was surrounded by a cool little sitting area so I copped a squat and took this photo for all of you to enjoy it with me!

I think I hear my bed calling me...*yawn* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

They chose MY proposal!!! HOLY CRAP!


I submitted an idea for a proposal for the introduction of ROXY Athletix to fashion magazines around the US and they CHOSE MINE!  I can't believe it... The basic layout is like the one above (I did this one on photobucket:the poor man's photoshop, the  Quiksilver visual team will do the real one).  I wrote the "hook"  and for those that REALLY know me... shhhhhh don't tell anyone that I barely remember what it is like to actually run! Ha ha...

I will show you the REAL DEAL when it is finished and I get a copy.  

I also made my first "uh oh" mistake today.  I was redirected on how to do things and at first I was a little upset: upset for making the mistake, embarrassed for making the mistake and mad at myself for making such a stupid mistake.  I then stopped and took a deep breath.  I told myself that I have only been here for a week and sometimes you learn the most by making mistakes.  Because believe me, I won't do it again. (By the way the mistake I made was that I forgot to put the subject heading in an email.  It may not seem that big, but to a director who gets 100's of emails a day, it is a time waster).

I am human.  I make mistakes.  I will make a lot more in my life.  But I also have triumphs in my life and  I will count those as I fall asleep tonight...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The OC Fair!

The Fair!  The Fair!  I went to the OC Fair yesterday and it was so FUN!  I went with my girl and her man (who both by the way had never really been to the fair!)  Where I am from, the fair is the place to be!  The Pac Co fair was where you put on your new school clothes and got to see kids from other schools (and dance with them at the grandstand dances!)  But these two have lived in Amusement Park central since birth, so the fair wasn't really the same for them!  My enthusiasm for the fair was getting chuckles, but they were so excited to go for the sheer fact that I was beside myself.  (And yes, I did wear a new shirt from Urban :)  

This fair was a bit different than hometown fairs.  They really didn't have a lot of animals because the OC isn't really known for their farming.  Floyd wanted to see HUGE pigs, but there were none.  I wanted to see Clydesdale Horses, but there were none.  When Jeff and I went to the Puyallup Fair, we saw every animal imaginable!  We even saw a Kitty Costume Show (yes, I said it correctly...very fun for the young girls involved, but very odd none the less).

Ysterday was such a success.  We rode some rickety rides (a FAIR must-do), lost some Carni Games, and ate a TON of food (the turkey leg was amazing!)  We had some tickets left, so we decided to play one more game to try to win this USC basketball Floyd wanted.  It took 10 tickets for just 2 tries!  Floyd tried first, no go.  Then me, no go.  Then the amazing X took the ball and made it!  She won that ball for her MAN!  It was so awesome.  I flew at her with open arms and shouted like she had won the lottery! It was icing on the cake...the Funnel cake that is!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Enjoy your WEEKEND!

Have a great weekend everyone!  I am heading out to the OC Fair on Sunday and I am SOOOOO excited!  I love the Fair!  I will let you know how it is...


Thursday, July 9, 2009

The "Skinny" Mirror!

Have you ever had a full length mirror that made you look ten feet taller than you were and made your legs look like Heidi Klum's (even though you know that at 5'4 it is impossible)?  The girl that left this room left a mirror behind and it ROCKS!  Everyday I get ready down here I love looking in that mirror to see how I look.  My sister and I just had a conversation that we both have this thing in our heads that we always THINK that we look skinnier than we really are...

How's that for confidence?

It isn't till I hit a reality check (a pic someone snapped of me, the mirror in the bathroom at Quiksilver, catching my reflection in a store front window) that I realize "OH there is those lbs I have been putting on!"  But for now I will be blissfully 15lbs heavier with a mirror that lies like a cheatin' boyfriend!  Hallelujah!

So my internship is going awesome!  I love the work!  It totally validates all the stuff that I have been putting in my brain for years.  So I can't balance my checkbook very well (does anyone still do that?), or figure out what time the train gets to Chicago when it left at 3:30 with wind resistance (Look I am so bad at these problems, I can't even make one up! HA!), but I CAN pull 15 looks together from the Holiday '09 line guide and send them to the stylist at Marie Claire.  I can tell pitch ideas to bloggers about back to school essentials. I CAN fit in there.  I DO fit in there.  Don't get me wrong, I still have a ton to learn, but just for now I feel...well...that what I have chosen to remember isn't useless knowledge.  It's relevant and applicable.  AND THAT FEELS GREAT!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Things I miss...

I am so tired today from working my tail off!  I will post more about that later, but tonight I just wanted to post things that I miss...
If you didn't make the cut, it is probably because I am lacking pictures of you (like my own MOM!) 
Side Note:  I have no clue why all this is underlined!  Ha ha!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gen Y

I attended (and ran the really sweet video camera) this presentation at ROXY today.  The girls who put it on did a fabu job offering all the information.  Even my select attention span was engaged through the whole thing!  I am a gapper of these generations.  I am a Gen X/Gen Y gapper.  It cuts off at my birth year.  I am a product of Reality Bites AND Reality TV!  At the end of the power point a panel of  Gen Y'ers sat and answered our questions.  They were amazing (ages 16-19)~Very truthful and poised.  It makes me think about how I was at 16.  I would have been petrified to say something offensive so I just would have said what I thought they wanted to hear.  The presentation said that a typical 10 year old is as outspoken as a 16 year old was about 10 years ago!  Working in a school, I believe that!   

Monday, July 6, 2009

My tiny cube.

So this is my tiny space in which is NOT really mine and that I share with about six other interns!  We are always falling over each other. There are three computers in a row, this is just the last one (the fastest one, but won't print :)  I thought that there would be a lot more windows in the building.  If you are lucky you sit near one...Not so lucky am I!  I have never typed so much in my life and yes I am still super slow at it!  But I have gotten a TON faster than I used to be and that is progress people!  Today I had to organize the magazine closet in which I was in HEAVEN!  Those who have been to my house know that I get so many mag subscriptions a month that I forget which ones I get.  About once a week I ask Jeff at the store "Do I get this one?"  I always try to buy it and he always tells me "I think you do..." Hmm..  It didn't take long to organize because I knew most of them and had already seen them (so no leafin' through them) except for WWD (Woman's Wear Daily).  I had to ponder for awhile on that one!  Is my pic boring? Kind of.  I just thought you might want to see it!  Loves!

Polyvore~ My secret stylist obsession!

Find me on Polyvore
Hi all! So this is a site that I create "sets" on... So basically I pull looks together and write blurbs about them! I just wanted to share (as well as kick myself into gear to create more!) I put up three looks, you can use the arrows to scroll through them! More later! Enjoy!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thanks GOD for Friends!

So to say that the first couple days out here was hard would be an understatement.  I got super sick which was really NOT fun (I am pretty sure it was a combo of exhaustion, low blood sugar, and freaking out that I really did this!)  I told my closest that I was having a hard time.  I didn't think that I could make it being THAT sick and alone, but then my girl Xeres pulled up with her crew and invited me out to the 4th.  Xeres moved to Seattle about 2 years ago and didn't know a SOUL.  We had a mutual friend that gave her my number and I showed her around. She has since moved back to SO CAL.   She showed up for me.  I felt at that minute I was going to be alright in this.  I still don't feel 100% (my sister always tells me when I say that that who ever does?) but I would much rather be hanging out with friendly faces in an unknown place not feeling the best then hanging out in a strange place feeling punky alone. You know what I mean?

SIDE NOTE:  This motel is a place Jeff and I stayed on vacation.  We had to be in HB for business and didn't want to spend a TON of cash on this part of the trip.  It was quite the place.  I remember waking up in the middle of the night and crying out to Jeff, "I am miserable" because I was SO COLD.  To which he responded by putting his hooded sweatshirt on me with out my arms through the arm  holes.  I slept like a mummy the rest of the night. That man of mine is first cabino!!

Me in my new Ban-do!  Thanks so much Shanny!  I heart this big pink flower.

So I had a video on this site and then I accidently deleted it.  I tried to put it back on, but I am such a newbie at it that I couldn't figure that ish out!

So I hooked up my phone to my blog so I can mobile post.  (that means if I see anything in SO CAL that is freakin' bananas I can snap a pic and post it ASAP!)  Ha ha!