Sunday, July 12, 2009

The OC Fair!

The Fair!  The Fair!  I went to the OC Fair yesterday and it was so FUN!  I went with my girl and her man (who both by the way had never really been to the fair!)  Where I am from, the fair is the place to be!  The Pac Co fair was where you put on your new school clothes and got to see kids from other schools (and dance with them at the grandstand dances!)  But these two have lived in Amusement Park central since birth, so the fair wasn't really the same for them!  My enthusiasm for the fair was getting chuckles, but they were so excited to go for the sheer fact that I was beside myself.  (And yes, I did wear a new shirt from Urban :)  

This fair was a bit different than hometown fairs.  They really didn't have a lot of animals because the OC isn't really known for their farming.  Floyd wanted to see HUGE pigs, but there were none.  I wanted to see Clydesdale Horses, but there were none.  When Jeff and I went to the Puyallup Fair, we saw every animal imaginable!  We even saw a Kitty Costume Show (yes, I said it correctly...very fun for the young girls involved, but very odd none the less).

Ysterday was such a success.  We rode some rickety rides (a FAIR must-do), lost some Carni Games, and ate a TON of food (the turkey leg was amazing!)  We had some tickets left, so we decided to play one more game to try to win this USC basketball Floyd wanted.  It took 10 tickets for just 2 tries!  Floyd tried first, no go.  Then me, no go.  Then the amazing X took the ball and made it!  She won that ball for her MAN!  It was so awesome.  I flew at her with open arms and shouted like she had won the lottery! It was icing on the cake...the Funnel cake that is!

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