Thursday, July 9, 2009

The "Skinny" Mirror!

Have you ever had a full length mirror that made you look ten feet taller than you were and made your legs look like Heidi Klum's (even though you know that at 5'4 it is impossible)?  The girl that left this room left a mirror behind and it ROCKS!  Everyday I get ready down here I love looking in that mirror to see how I look.  My sister and I just had a conversation that we both have this thing in our heads that we always THINK that we look skinnier than we really are...

How's that for confidence?

It isn't till I hit a reality check (a pic someone snapped of me, the mirror in the bathroom at Quiksilver, catching my reflection in a store front window) that I realize "OH there is those lbs I have been putting on!"  But for now I will be blissfully 15lbs heavier with a mirror that lies like a cheatin' boyfriend!  Hallelujah!

So my internship is going awesome!  I love the work!  It totally validates all the stuff that I have been putting in my brain for years.  So I can't balance my checkbook very well (does anyone still do that?), or figure out what time the train gets to Chicago when it left at 3:30 with wind resistance (Look I am so bad at these problems, I can't even make one up! HA!), but I CAN pull 15 looks together from the Holiday '09 line guide and send them to the stylist at Marie Claire.  I can tell pitch ideas to bloggers about back to school essentials. I CAN fit in there.  I DO fit in there.  Don't get me wrong, I still have a ton to learn, but just for now I feel...well...that what I have chosen to remember isn't useless knowledge.  It's relevant and applicable.  AND THAT FEELS GREAT!

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