Saturday, July 18, 2009

Anthony Kiedis wants YOU to go watch Dear and Yonder!

So Friday night's screening of Dear and Yonder in Venice Beach was a huge success!  I had to work the door all night, checking people off "the list".  I tried to accommodate anyone who came to the door that was excited about the movie, and hopefully did an OK job.  There were 200+ people that showed up!  Quik/ROXY pulls a pretty respectful, laid back crowd (which is nice for event organizers and security.)  I worked my ass off (and at one point I had to carry 15 cases of water up a flight of stairs... not a favorite pastime of mine :), but it was worth it to show my uppie ups that I am NOT afraid of the dirty work and it felt great to contribute to a such a rockin' event.

And yes Anthony Kiedis was there (with Rick Rubin). He was amazingly kind and  I am sure that he really does want you to go watch DEAR AND YONDER! :) 

There are showings all over the country, so follow the link, find your place and save the date!

See you there!

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