Monday, July 6, 2009

My tiny cube.

So this is my tiny space in which is NOT really mine and that I share with about six other interns!  We are always falling over each other. There are three computers in a row, this is just the last one (the fastest one, but won't print :)  I thought that there would be a lot more windows in the building.  If you are lucky you sit near one...Not so lucky am I!  I have never typed so much in my life and yes I am still super slow at it!  But I have gotten a TON faster than I used to be and that is progress people!  Today I had to organize the magazine closet in which I was in HEAVEN!  Those who have been to my house know that I get so many mag subscriptions a month that I forget which ones I get.  About once a week I ask Jeff at the store "Do I get this one?"  I always try to buy it and he always tells me "I think you do..." Hmm..  It didn't take long to organize because I knew most of them and had already seen them (so no leafin' through them) except for WWD (Woman's Wear Daily).  I had to ponder for awhile on that one!  Is my pic boring? Kind of.  I just thought you might want to see it!  Loves!