Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gen Y

I attended (and ran the really sweet video camera) this presentation at ROXY today.  The girls who put it on did a fabu job offering all the information.  Even my select attention span was engaged through the whole thing!  I am a gapper of these generations.  I am a Gen X/Gen Y gapper.  It cuts off at my birth year.  I am a product of Reality Bites AND Reality TV!  At the end of the power point a panel of  Gen Y'ers sat and answered our questions.  They were amazing (ages 16-19)~Very truthful and poised.  It makes me think about how I was at 16.  I would have been petrified to say something offensive so I just would have said what I thought they wanted to hear.  The presentation said that a typical 10 year old is as outspoken as a 16 year old was about 10 years ago!  Working in a school, I believe that!   

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