Friday, January 15, 2010

Try a bit harder LUCKY MAG!

Excuse the horrible pic (it was taken at 11:35 p.m while Bean was sleeping) but COME ON LUCKY!  Can't you do better than this on an editorial page labeled DATE NIGHT?!?

 That dress has a bubble hem.  Yup.  A bubble hem.  The hem that you still see if you HAVE to go out downtown when the 21ers file into a club. 

It is touted here as being a "victorian look".  Uh...

How is this fashion forward?


Angini said...

I wore a bubble hem in 8th grade 1988:) Did you see Lady Gaga on Oprah last night? Somehow it doesn't seem avant garde if Oprah is dancing to it.

pinkpositive said...

I just spent the last hour searching all the clips on line to watch the whole interview. I really like the Gaga. The Oprah fist pump cracked me up!