Tuesday, January 5, 2010

After Christmas Doldrums...

I am rarely the one who isn't postive and even now as I sit here in a dark grey cloud I don't feel overly pessimistic, but I can't shake this feeling of "blah nothingness" I have had for the last few days. It has been raining non-stop and I just feel sleepy (and weepy).

I try to remember that every year after Christmas I go through this. I just love the build up so much, I don't quite prepare for the let down.

What do you do when you feel this way? Maybe a new routine will help!


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Julie said...

Sorry you are feeling that way chica! It is difficult after the holidays as you get to spend so much time having fun...enjoying the season...family ...friends and for us teachers some much needed time off.

I have no magical cure......my advice would be to just embrace it. Surround yourself with all things that comfort and soothe your soul. Favorite music...books....movie....even things that will make you cry. Just get it all out! That is sure to make you feel better!

Hugs from me to you!!