Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Raise your hand...

Raise your hand if you want your blog to be cooler? I know I do! I am working on a theme now to reinvent it. It started as a way to keep my loved ones in the loop as I worked at Quiksilver this summer and now I am growing it. Slowly, but with a full time job of taking care of 20 6 year olds I get pooped. BUT its coming. Oh yes it is!

I get discouraged about comments sometimes though. I swear I could wear a sign that says "will dance for comments" OH that goes for followers as well! I have new followers and LOVE EVERYONE OF THEM (but don't personally know any of them in the top row!) But HELLS YA. I got me some peeps that weren't threatened by me to sign up. ;)

I had to do another post as the last was depressing and that really isn't my style. Plus it was depressing me even more that I had no comments (Thanks Jules for saving me from that pity party! LOL)

Onward and upward!


Auburn Not Red said...

Yeah, well, I keep asking myself why I keep coming here every time you post. hehe Just kidding! It's great to find someone similar to myself to keep in touch with.

N-Search of Peace! said...

I have *breezed* through your blog a few times and I will now say to you, I find you joyous and pure of spirit.

If we passed on the street, I would stop and see if we could have a cup of joe together and ask to see more of your beautiful heart!

I promise now, I will *breeze* by more often to see this beautiful heart and to chat a bit on the comments pages...


Julie said...

Girl you make me laugh! But I totally feel the same way about comments! :) I have so many people tell me they read my blog but they just never comment. So never fear...you have many more readers than you think! Just look N- Peace found you! She is a lovely gal with a wonderful blog herself!

Personally I am thrilled for the new look...and yes I would love to update my blog look as well.

Yes...to lunch! I miss you! Any yes to photo class!! :)