Monday, August 31, 2009

Got Mold?

Seriously.  I found this yesterday in my apartment that was SO CALLED taken care of after the leak.  I so do NOT call this taken care of.  I found this thanks to my sensitive nose and gut instinct. (oh and using a hammer to pry off the baseboards and rip back the carpet!)

I can't even go into the fact that my landlord thinks that this isn't hazardous to my health at all.  Why would he, right?  HE left it like this to save a few bucks.  I can't even go into it because I am so frustrated I CAN'T type properly as my anger is making all the letters on my keyboard spell bad words.

I will keep you updated on the situation. I am typing this from Bean's apartment because my house is inhabitable, but my a-hole landlord won't compensate me by deducting $ off my rent for the days I cannot stay in my apartment because "you actually sleep upstairs".  Yeah.  That is what he said. 


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where's Spencer?

Look at these glorious BOYS!  I have missed them SO MUCH!  I finally got to see them and it brought tears to my eyes to hug their little bodies again. *sigh*  What a great feeling!

The last few days were filled with reconnecting with friends I haven't seen in a long time, meeting the newest member of my family, hugging my dad and staying up late giggling with my mom.

It was amazing.  

Friday, August 21, 2009

Self Editing with a side of teasing...

So for those of you who do not know this already, I love fashion.  I have discovered that my best model for my mixes and remixes (outfits and restyled pieces) is me.  I am the only one with the patience to sit through all the clothing changes without getting paid! :)  I have been faithfully following some MAJA cool blogs about girls and what they are wearing.  And get this...They set up tripods and take pictures of themselves!  Isn't that amazing!  I bet that they don't even feel guilty about it.  Why should they, right?  

My Style Pill

Style Rookie (BTW this is the coolest 13 year old I have ever known, and don't know her!)

What I wore

I would love to be this free, and as you can see above, am on occasion.  I like finding the point in which you can see the details of the clothes and the way they hang.  SO what holds me back from a full on "what I wore" blog?  I guess it is the fear of being teased.  I hate being teased.  I shouldn't because I have been teased a lot in my life about being too sensitive (sure tease the sensitive one, she's an easy target!), about being vain (goes hand in hand with wanting to photograph yourself, I guess), occasionally speaking so fast I stutter (my brain has a lot to say and sometimes my mouth can't keep up!) or taking extreme fashion risks in a high school of less than 150 kids.  Don't get me wrong I can laugh at myself and am extremely fun loving, but personal attacks I do not do well.  

So this is a cathartic post as I am working on being my authentic self (thanks for that post Julie!).  It is courageous to be exactly who you are and not feel ashamed or embarrassed.  I feel that writing it down was my first step in shaking this feeling.

And hopefully someday soon, you will see my fully styled self with a tripod in a park near you!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

These shoes vs UPS

I have been waiting for these shoes for 3 weeks.  They should have been at my house in 3 days.  I have never had  such a hard time with shipping in MY LIFE!  I would rush home everyday to see if these faboosh sandals were on my front porch, and the answer was always NO.  So I called UPS, they told me even with the tracking number they had been misplaced.  I had a day nightmare (like a day dream but scary) that these LAST PAIR of Sam Edelman Flats had fallen off the truck and someone else who didn't LOVE LOVE LOVE them as much as I did was going to wear them. *tear*.  So they finally found them in some warehouse in Laguna Beach, and promised to get them to me the next day.  They did not come.  SO I finally called again.  Nordstrom wanted to order me a new pair, but this was the last one in the system.  To make this long story short, I seriously had to call the drivers on the route cell phone and meet him at the Urban Outfitters to pick them up...

I was thoroughly annoyed until...I opened the box.  Then I was instantly in a good mood.  

They were perfect!


Sorry all for the gap in blogs.  I was offline for a few days!  

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Studio Time with ROXY


My last two days at ROXY were absolutely amazing.  I was helping our showroom coordinator with the 2010 Spring Look Book.  Basically it is the greatest pieces in the collection styled in our own way.  I helped style all the looks (30 of them) and had a blast.  We really took ideas from the runway and used them in a way that translated to ROXY.  Roxy is aging up their brand and the pieces are looking amazing.  It was really great to be with a group of people who were so passionate about each look and took it very seriously (as seriously as I do).  I may dress very kitschy and whimsical, but I am still very serious about the pieces I choose.  It is very intentional.  It just felt so good to be a part of the fashion forecasting for ROXY.  The model we used was pretty much the cutest and tallest girl you have ever seen.  Man, models are constantly being pulled one way and the other.  Something that sounds so glamourous is a lot of being tugged at, poked with pins, and constantly told what they should be doing (relax the face, more edgy, softer in the eyes...).  They are basically a human hanger. She did an amazing job and the Look Book is going to freakin' kill it! (that means do really well!)

This is what I was born to do.  

What an amazing experience!

Monday, August 10, 2009


I am trying to pack my room in preparation for the move back to Seattle.  I saw this skirt hanging in the closet and felt a little apprehension about its safety in a plastic garbage bag shoved in my car for over 20 hours.  So I left it alone and almost instantly  became severely unmotivated to pack.  I am leaving with a full heart, but sadness is still following me.  I really like the work I have been doing.  I kept roaming around my room and not really making any progress when I decided to take a picture of the skirt.  It was feeling what I was feeling.  The picture made me even more sad, so to cheer myself (and the skirt) up, I decided it would be a lot more fun to pack IN this skirt and swish around like a ballerina!  So I put it on!  I now feel a lot prettier, but it didn't help at all in packing my room.

Boo.  But a very Ballerina Pretty Boo.

Above all, this makes me smile.

This is one of my nephews loving the swing!  This makes me smile because I love swings and love to find a park that has swings that go really high! (SB has some pretty good ones!) 

 I had a swing set when I was younger that wasn't anchored down that great, and I would swing so high on it that my mom  thought it would flip over! It would come way up on one side and thunk back down.  I can still remember that sound of it.  

I used to have this crazy fantasy (used to meaning I still wish it could happen) that I would swing so high that I would go all the way over the top. Like swinging in a huge circle.  Wouldn't that be so fun?  The fantasy says YES!

Have you ever have any of those daydreams?  

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Obtaining space.


I tell myself it all the time.  If I just had more space I would:

Be more organized

Not forget to turn off my curling iron

Put away my makeup

Not throw my clothes on the floor

Be happier

Do pilates

Know where all my earrings were

Have a better routine

Learn how to sew

And Quilt

Are these lies that I tell myself?  
Or if I really had the space would these things actually happen?

I want to believe that it would actually happen.  Hmmm...I guess all that there is left to do is test this theory.

Ah...Yes.  Here lies the problem again.  Space.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I heart the G.O.!

For those of you that have NEVER been to the Grocery Outlet, you are missing out! They have the best stuff (and the best stuff always goes fast) and also a lot of organic products for seriously half of what you would pay at dare I say...Safeway. My sister always calls me to tell me that she got like 3 bags of groceries at the outlet for _____. (fill in that blank with an incredibly low number!)

Now if you have never been, it isn't a place you make a list to go to. You just go and see what they have. It's fun. I love their health and beauty section. I always walk out with SOMETHING. Right now, I want this patio set, but do not have a patio! Ha ha...

The G.O. has been in my life for years, and will be for years to come. All are individually owned, and I have biases to which are better than others. Albany G.O is one of the best! (Hi Shanny! Good Luck today!)

Go and tell me what your favorite bargain was...

Mine lately has been Goat soap for $.99!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Look closely...THIS IS NOT ART!

I got a phone call on Saturday morning telling me that THIS pipe in my Seattle apartment living room burst causing a major hole in the drywall and a fire hydrant like spray flooding my apartment.  I seriously almost lost it right then and there on the phone.  (BTW the pic above is after the plumber replaced the pipe and cut a nicer hole).  If you know me, you know that I am a weirdo about my stuff.  

I love it.  

I searched for it.

 I stole it from my mother (sorry mom).

I got up at 5am to be the first in line at an estate sale to find it. 

 I held it in my lap as a little girl until my Gramma Margaret said that I could have it.

Did I mention that I love it?

 I mean the pic on the wall above the hole was actually in the Bagley's HOME and I bugged them enough to sell it to me OFF THEIR WALL.  

To be so far away and hear that my stuff may potentially be ruined left me in tears.  Ask my family or my besties about my favorite sweater that was lost by the airlines YEARS ago.  I still wish I had it and still bring it up.  So you get the gist...

I sit here knowing that I cannot bring closure to this until I see it for myself and that makes me sick to my stomach.  I am the girl who has to take care of everything RIGHT away and am antsy till things are set right. (I am like this with relationships too.  How fun for the peeps around me that need space! Ha ha...)

Ugh.  Grrr. Ugh.

And here I sit at a loss to how to end this blog with something positive or witty...

but I don't really want to be either right now, so I won't.