Monday, August 10, 2009

Above all, this makes me smile.

This is one of my nephews loving the swing!  This makes me smile because I love swings and love to find a park that has swings that go really high! (SB has some pretty good ones!) 

 I had a swing set when I was younger that wasn't anchored down that great, and I would swing so high on it that my mom  thought it would flip over! It would come way up on one side and thunk back down.  I can still remember that sound of it.  

I used to have this crazy fantasy (used to meaning I still wish it could happen) that I would swing so high that I would go all the way over the top. Like swinging in a huge circle.  Wouldn't that be so fun?  The fantasy says YES!

Have you ever have any of those daydreams?  

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