Monday, August 10, 2009


I am trying to pack my room in preparation for the move back to Seattle.  I saw this skirt hanging in the closet and felt a little apprehension about its safety in a plastic garbage bag shoved in my car for over 20 hours.  So I left it alone and almost instantly  became severely unmotivated to pack.  I am leaving with a full heart, but sadness is still following me.  I really like the work I have been doing.  I kept roaming around my room and not really making any progress when I decided to take a picture of the skirt.  It was feeling what I was feeling.  The picture made me even more sad, so to cheer myself (and the skirt) up, I decided it would be a lot more fun to pack IN this skirt and swish around like a ballerina!  So I put it on!  I now feel a lot prettier, but it didn't help at all in packing my room.

Boo.  But a very Ballerina Pretty Boo.


Julie said...

I know how much you HATE to it is wonderful that you decided to dress up to do it!

Xeres said...

Boooo!!! I can't believe you're leaving already =( You just got here!