Sunday, August 2, 2009

Look closely...THIS IS NOT ART!

I got a phone call on Saturday morning telling me that THIS pipe in my Seattle apartment living room burst causing a major hole in the drywall and a fire hydrant like spray flooding my apartment.  I seriously almost lost it right then and there on the phone.  (BTW the pic above is after the plumber replaced the pipe and cut a nicer hole).  If you know me, you know that I am a weirdo about my stuff.  

I love it.  

I searched for it.

 I stole it from my mother (sorry mom).

I got up at 5am to be the first in line at an estate sale to find it. 

 I held it in my lap as a little girl until my Gramma Margaret said that I could have it.

Did I mention that I love it?

 I mean the pic on the wall above the hole was actually in the Bagley's HOME and I bugged them enough to sell it to me OFF THEIR WALL.  

To be so far away and hear that my stuff may potentially be ruined left me in tears.  Ask my family or my besties about my favorite sweater that was lost by the airlines YEARS ago.  I still wish I had it and still bring it up.  So you get the gist...

I sit here knowing that I cannot bring closure to this until I see it for myself and that makes me sick to my stomach.  I am the girl who has to take care of everything RIGHT away and am antsy till things are set right. (I am like this with relationships too.  How fun for the peeps around me that need space! Ha ha...)

Ugh.  Grrr. Ugh.

And here I sit at a loss to how to end this blog with something positive or witty...

but I don't really want to be either right now, so I won't.

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Julie said...

Oh Tara...I am so sorry. I know this is just killing you. I will say I stopped by and I think the apartment looks great. I was so shocked! So much so...that I think you should stay and continue being my neighbor! :) I know you won't rest until you are here but know you have Jeff and me if you need anything!