Monday, August 31, 2009

Got Mold?

Seriously.  I found this yesterday in my apartment that was SO CALLED taken care of after the leak.  I so do NOT call this taken care of.  I found this thanks to my sensitive nose and gut instinct. (oh and using a hammer to pry off the baseboards and rip back the carpet!)

I can't even go into the fact that my landlord thinks that this isn't hazardous to my health at all.  Why would he, right?  HE left it like this to save a few bucks.  I can't even go into it because I am so frustrated I CAN'T type properly as my anger is making all the letters on my keyboard spell bad words.

I will keep you updated on the situation. I am typing this from Bean's apartment because my house is inhabitable, but my a-hole landlord won't compensate me by deducting $ off my rent for the days I cannot stay in my apartment because "you actually sleep upstairs".  Yeah.  That is what he said. 


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