Friday, August 21, 2009

Self Editing with a side of teasing...

So for those of you who do not know this already, I love fashion.  I have discovered that my best model for my mixes and remixes (outfits and restyled pieces) is me.  I am the only one with the patience to sit through all the clothing changes without getting paid! :)  I have been faithfully following some MAJA cool blogs about girls and what they are wearing.  And get this...They set up tripods and take pictures of themselves!  Isn't that amazing!  I bet that they don't even feel guilty about it.  Why should they, right?  

My Style Pill

Style Rookie (BTW this is the coolest 13 year old I have ever known, and don't know her!)

What I wore

I would love to be this free, and as you can see above, am on occasion.  I like finding the point in which you can see the details of the clothes and the way they hang.  SO what holds me back from a full on "what I wore" blog?  I guess it is the fear of being teased.  I hate being teased.  I shouldn't because I have been teased a lot in my life about being too sensitive (sure tease the sensitive one, she's an easy target!), about being vain (goes hand in hand with wanting to photograph yourself, I guess), occasionally speaking so fast I stutter (my brain has a lot to say and sometimes my mouth can't keep up!) or taking extreme fashion risks in a high school of less than 150 kids.  Don't get me wrong I can laugh at myself and am extremely fun loving, but personal attacks I do not do well.  

So this is a cathartic post as I am working on being my authentic self (thanks for that post Julie!).  It is courageous to be exactly who you are and not feel ashamed or embarrassed.  I feel that writing it down was my first step in shaking this feeling.

And hopefully someday soon, you will see my fully styled self with a tripod in a park near you!


Julie said...

Go for it girl! This is what you were born to! You are a wonderful writer and doing a fashion blog would be soooo awesome! I know I would be checking in for tips and outfit advice! Me and many others. Put yourself out never know what doors it may open for you! I love this post! when are you coming home again?? I hope soon! :)

Julie said...

I read this on a blog this morning and thought of you...

"I have a lot of passions, but the one I believe in above all else is that we are all creative beings and we all deserve to do work that we love; work that feels like a true expression of who we are".

Anonymous said...

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