Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I heart the G.O.!

For those of you that have NEVER been to the Grocery Outlet, you are missing out! They have the best stuff (and the best stuff always goes fast) and also a lot of organic products for seriously half of what you would pay at dare I say...Safeway. My sister always calls me to tell me that she got like 3 bags of groceries at the outlet for _____. (fill in that blank with an incredibly low number!)

Now if you have never been, it isn't a place you make a list to go to. You just go and see what they have. It's fun. I love their health and beauty section. I always walk out with SOMETHING. Right now, I want this patio set, but do not have a patio! Ha ha...

The G.O. has been in my life for years, and will be for years to come. All are individually owned, and I have biases to which are better than others. Albany G.O is one of the best! (Hi Shanny! Good Luck today!)

Go and tell me what your favorite bargain was...

Mine lately has been Goat soap for $.99!


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Shanny said...

HOLLA AT YOUR GIRL! I can't believe the outlet made your blog! That is hilarious! Thanks for the shout out.