Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wrap it UP!

So if you haven't noticed lately, I have been wearing my hair up A LOT!
There are good reasons for this. First graders get lice. I DO NOT want lice.
SO I decided to wear a wrap to UBER protect myself (and who am I kidding...I LOVES IT!)
Mr. Chhorn (my 76 year old bestie) told me that my head wrap looked like a traditional Cambodian head dress, while Anita told me it looked African. I accepted both as dear compliments!
It was cute as well as practical. We really did have an outbreak of lice this week. BLECH.

To all my new readers and followers...
I appreciate everyone of you! See you on your blog SOON!

Scarf: ROXY
Earrings: F21?
Hoodie: AE
Jeans: Target
Tanks: James Perse
Shoes: Birkis (YEP).


Katie said...

I worked in a daycare one summer and my classroom had a lice outbreak once. I was TRAUMATIZED. Ack, I'm itching just thinking about it. Love your scarf, great solution and it looks cute :)

Betty and Veronica said...

You rock that head dress! and so practical too!

PS: Lice is gross, good idea in protecting yourself, you're one smart cookie!


Girl from the North Country said...

aww super cute head wrap! P.S. those shoes look both amazing and comfy!

Angini said...

Thanks for making my head itch ICK! The scarf is cute on you:)

Fashion Therapist said...

I love how you're sporting the scarf. It looks fantastic on you and so bold.

Diana said...

I love your mary janes!

Stacy said...

love it, so perfect
and i got lice when i was there age - you do NOT want it!


Kim said...

Love those Mary Janes! Fun photos!:)