Friday, March 12, 2010

Big Hair, Big Plans: It's Friday!

Do you ever have days when even though you haven't lost a single ounce, your pants feel bigger and that makes you feel a bit better about yourself...
It puts a pep in your step and a smirk on your face- It's a secret that no one else knows...
Well this day was one of those days! My jeans are never too tight in the waist...They always get too tight in the hips and butt area! Ha ha... The classic PEAR.
But today my jeans felt that they had a little bit more give in them. Like if I HAD to get into a monster truck (hey where I grew up this wasn't uncommon), my pants wouldn't split up the back like a can of Pop and Fresh Dough! (seriously people...This has happened to me when I was younger and stupid enough to buy cheap pants that couldn't contain what I was packin'!)
So that brings me to this smile.

The secret one. The one only I (and now you) know about!

Blazer: Bebe

Ruffle Tank: Roxy

Striped Tank: Target

Jeans: Citizens

Shoes: JSimpson

Happy Weekend!


Auburn Not Red said...

Like the layering. Like the colors! Love the ruffles!
So sexy today. No wonder you're smiling.
I'm PMSing so I'm not fitting into my jeans today!

Betty and Veronica said...

You look fantastic! Love your outfit and you're exuding confidence!


Senorita Fashionista said...

You look great, confidence is key! You lose sizes before pounds so this is probably why your jeans feel great! I love the striped top and pink jacket, better yet, those shoes are hot!
xoxo Jolie

Katie said...

Love the colors in your outfit and yay for clothes fitting better! Your hair looks great as well. I've attempted to give mine that volume before but it doesn't turn our very well for me ha.

Girl from the North Country said...

Yes we are friends! Thanks for following me! Your so adorable I love all the colors you got going on today!

augustalolita said...

you look lovely!! cute outfit!! and i definitely love those days when things seem to fit nicely :)

LaToya said...

New to your blog! I love your hair! It's so pretty! Cute outfit!

Kim said...

What fun photos and you have a great look! Fun blog :D