Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I really wanted this to be a post about how my mom liked this shirt and tried it on and it looked like a tent on her, but for $10 bucks passed it my way...
I really didn't want my day to be tainted with my smoke and mirrors apartment.
I call it smoke and mirrors because it looks so PRETTY and it drew me in regardless that it is a) on the corner of crack central
b) on the corner of crack central with random gang issues.
But for less the $900 a month with a parking spot, washer and dryer, dishwasher and bamboo hardwoods, I threw caution to the wind and signed that lease!
It is just one of those old crack buildings that someone guy bought and put some cheap Cover Girl foundation on it.

I am referring to the fact that my wall heater caught my wall on FIRE and then I lived without a heater for over a month... (that can't be legal), but that isn't today's issue.

Today's issue is that my new refrigerator stopped working for the THIRD time! I lost the food in it again. I always have anxiety filling it with food anyways due to these previous experiences.

Beware of smoke and mirrors people. In apartments and in life...

But I am sitting here thinking of the day that I will live in a space that is comfortable. A home. A space that I feel like I can relax. And that my friends makes me smile!

Shirt: TJ maxx
Jeans: Aero
Shoes: Birkis

Total 1st grade teacher wear!

P.S. I am totally nervous about WWW tomorrow! Wish me thin thoughts!


Katie said...

You will totally live in a comfortable, relaxing place that you can call home someday. I think everyone has to live in places (or cities, or states, or with roommates, or whatever) that aren't perfect just so you can appreciate it all that much more when you finally find it.

You look adorable, as usual :)

Kim said...

Huge hug for you! :)

I love that shirt! You look really cute!! :D

melissa said...

hahaha the corner of crack central, lol. awww, I wish i could find a place with a washer and dryer! that is my goal for my next place. And I'm sure we will both find a place comfy and chic to live in the near future! Well at least I'm hoping!

Diana said...

Eek! That apartment sounds scary! On the upside, that blouse looks gorgeous on you.

Auburn Not Red said...

Sounds like a hint to the boyfriend to ask you to move in with him. ;)

Rachel said...

omg im so sorry for your troubles, bust imagining the wall heater randomly catching on fire made me laugh out loud. lol
oh smoke & mirrors are so tricky.
nice to find your blog :)