Wednesday, December 2, 2009

~My first outfit post~ For Tieka!

Here we go with the underlining again... Does anyone have a clue what I have done to make it do that?!?  Oh well.  I'll deal.

So the above is my attempt to take a shot of my outfit yesterday inspired by Tieka over at Selective Potential. 

I am a newbie so please don't judge too hard.  I definitely have questions of how these amazing bloggers get such great quality photos!  I had to run back and forth pushing my timer on then run over and pretend to pose cute and aloof at the same time.  Maybe someday I will post the outtakes!  LOL!

Blazer: Thrifted (Goodwill$5 )
Jeggings (TJ MAXX $12)
Burn Out tee (Urban $23)
Tank (James Perse)
Boots (Chinese Laundry $45)

And so it begins!

(and look at that...No more underlines?  Odd!)


Angini said...

Just awesome! I want a post everyday so I can see the fabulousness that is you:)

Here is what I am wearing today:

Pink hoodie (from my sis)
Free Puget Sound Gastroenterology t-shirt
Lucky Jeans (from my sis that she borrowed from Jeff)
Smart Wool socks

Luv ya!

tieka said...

Awww! I love this post to pieces! Those boots look fab! As for the underlines, I think if you start typing too close to where you placed your photo, it will link your text. It does that to me all the time. Make sure you space down a few times after a photo and start typing. Hopefully that helps! And I have a tripod.. and a husband who I have to beg to take photos. Hahah. :) Can't wait to see more posts!
Love, selective potential

Julie said...

LOVE this..... I agree ..I hope you do this everyday!! I love your style and someday....maybe I can be as cool as you. :) BTW...I did get your text..I think you were suppose to e-mail me about your hair dresser!! You make me laugh!

Orchid Grey said...

your boots look fantastic! to answer your question left on my blog: I use a Nikon D70 camera (bought in 2005 which makes it actually quite old in digital years!), I do take (most) of my own photos with a remote (my right hand always looks a little funny because I'm holding the remote). I use a tripod and no flash, which keeps the colors vibrant and allows for some depth. When I don't have my remote on hand I'll use the timer, which I hate doing for the exact same reason as you! Thanks for reading my blog!

Orchid Grey said...

ps- on the occasion I don't take my own photos I'll have either my boyfriend or brother take them!

Auburn Not Red said...

I have the same problem...that's why I haven't shown any fashion stuff, yet. Tieka is so adorable, isn't she?!

Auburn Not Red said...

Hey, (again) LML! I don't have much to spend nor do I live in a place that has a mall nearby or cool shops like Urban Outfitters and H&M so I'm basically wearing what's been in my closet for years that I usually save for special occasions but why should I only wear them then? I can dress down a flowy dress for day by adding tights and a cardigan.
I find myself buying from TJMaxx and the Piper & Blue line from K-Mart.