Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dancing with Myself (in mixed prints)

I love these photos for a lot of reasons.  They were taken at my most favorite place on EARTH:  The Madonna Inn.  It was my first time and there was a real band playing favorites from when my gramma was a girl!  Horn section and all.  I couldn't bear sitting down for one more second, so I jumped up and started dancing by myself.  My loving boyfriend just smiled and took these shots of me mingling with dancers 30 years older than me.  

I longed to be a part of what they had.  I want to be a old woman one day still blushing when my hubby asks me to dance. But I have to say...I rather enjoy dancing with myself!

(cue Dancing with Myself )

Dress and Cardi- TJ Maxx
Boots- ALDO
Earrings- Claires (and now lost... BOO)

P.S. This post would be a lot cooler if you play the music and really dance by yourself with reckless abandon!  

P.P.S. Also I may recycle old outfit pics till I can set up a remote to my camera!  But I will also put new ones up!  


Angini said...

Yay new post! I will try and be the first to comment everday, but I am sure when word gets out and this blog blows up, I will probably be the 542nd comment. Peace and love sis!

pinkpositive said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence sister! I hope so TOO! Wouldn't that be so fun?!??!