Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesdays

I lost my SD card for a bit and I had to go to Seattle Fashion week without my CAMERA! Grrr... (Runway show was OK. Gift bags were NOT so ok, just ads!)

It proves that I have hobbies outside of being a mediocre blogger and an even worse weight loser! Ha ha..

SO here is my revelation and promise to myself. I will move my body everyday because it is good for me. That's it. I will (try to)do it.

I would like the scale to move down, but it doesn't define me. So I am working on it...

With no SD card, I have been using my camera phone. It is actually way easier than uploading pics with my fancy camera, but not nearly as nice looking!

What is great about this outfit is that when I put it on, I FOUND MY SD CARD IN THE POCKET! See?!? It was a good day!

Dress: Gift (Thanks Jen)
Cardi: F21
Belt: Ross
Shell Earrings: IDK


Anonymous said...

Glad you found your card :)

Kim said...


I love the dress :D

Taylor B. said...

Pretty dress! The color pink is so right on you.

Glad you found your card. I also have to hook my camera up to my laptop to upload. So old-school!

And miss's "ads". ;) Yep, that's me. Little-miss-spelling-corrector. As for grammar, you're on your own!

Little Miss Lee said...

Thanks Taylor! My spell check missed it because adds is a word! Ha ha...

I must have been on a typing ROLLLLLL!

How do others upload their pics? I just saw that the new MACs have SD ports! I am so PISSED that mine doesn't!

Little Miss Lee said...
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Little Miss Lee said...
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Julie said...

Yippee on the card!

LOVE this outfit too! I need you to come shopping with me and pick out some cute outfits for me!

See you on Saturday! :)

Taylor B. said...

Aren't some camera's wi-fi? Like you can just send them to the computer? I don't know. Maybe it's just wishful thinking!

emily viveur said...

lovely dress! and i'm glad you found your sd card.

Nukilan Orang Buta Hati said...

no gift? lame fashion show :P