Monday, November 23, 2009

Knee Socks and Buster Browns

So in the interest of saving the feet I was born with, I had to quit teaching in 5 inch heels. I know, I know...It pains me to have to admit it (but the pain in my feet is way worse!) I used to be unfazed by it. I don't know what happened. My feet finally gave me the big fatty finger.

SO I went comfy shoe shopping (which I still hate that I did it) and found a pair of shoes. I also bought a pair of thigh high black boots to offset the nausea of wearing anything made by BORN.

I called my mom and told her I bought a pair of shoes that I am sure that I also had at the age of 5. My mom loved a strong pair of Buster Brown T-straps...Maybe that is why I was drawn to them.

I decided to "fun" them up and wear pink argyle knee highs with them. You know to show a bit of humor in the fact that Queen High Heel was joining the "comfort shoe crowd". So I show up to school and low and behold...

I am dressed exactly like one of my students. We both have wicked sense of personal style if I do say so myself! Hence the picture above!