Thursday, October 29, 2009

"She could be a Farmer in those clothes..."

So the line above is from the movie Clueless...but seriously happened to me in real life yesterday.  I get it.  I dress like myself and that means I do NOT look like 98% of the population.  I have been dealing with the repercussions of having my own style my whole life.  People don't always understand, but sure do want MY help when it comes to a big event for them.  The story yesterday was just that.  Someone (parent) told someone else that she was pissed that my school doesn't wear costumes to school on Halloween when (and semi quote) "I mean, you have a teacher dressed up like a farmer today".  Hmmm...  OK.  I WAS wearing cowboy boots and pigtails, but that is way more Eli Mae than farmer.LOL!

So I was hurt, but it is NOTHING new.  I can take it.  So to prove to that big B that I didn't give a ish what she thought, I sported these adorable socks with my equally adorable high heels.  Take that!  

So go eat your lunch in your boring black pea coat and predictable black pants with your predictable Kenneth Cole boots.  

and I will keep pushing fashion forward for you.